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Self-taught, Lawrens Godon plays with Magic, Prestidigitation, Sleight-of-hand, Illusionism since 30 years. The modern techniques of Manipulation for Stage Magic, Parlor and Close-up don't have any secret for him. Today Lawrens is among the most talented and appreciated magicians when it comes to Coin Manipulation and Crystal Ball Illusion.
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Poetry in Motion

Finding professional, quality entertainment can prove a challenging task


Here at Lawrens Godon Entertainment the problem is solved by providing a unique, fun and memorable experience for you and your guests, with the highest ideals in mind : sophisticated act, non-intrusive and poetic.

With these high quality standards, you will have the peace of mind knowing that Lawrens Godon is on your side to ensure that everyone has a great time !

Lawrens Godon expertise in close-up magic will bring astonishment and amazement to any walk-around venue, going from group to group and performing various sleight-of-hand effects and illusions.



  • Strolling magic at private and corporate events, such as cocktail party, wedding, grand opening, fundraiser, award ceremony, product launch, adult anniversary, special and VIP event…

  • Formal close-up magic show at private residences, dinner show

  • Table hoping at restaurant, resort or country club…

  • Trade show, sales meeting, hospitality suite…



It is also a great idea to have Lawrens Godon demonstrate his unique skills on stage

At the end of the lunch or dinner and before the speeches, as a part of a cabaret show, at the circus, in a night club or for TV, Lawrens Godon will perform his most incredible illusions with a musical background.

Lawrens Godon will adapt himself to any themed party you may want him to perform.


Carnaval, Halloween, Costume party, Casual or Tuxedo Outfit, Black and White Party…


Lawrens Godon Entertainment gets the solution to your party in the palm of the hand !


Ask for a quotation. Its free and magic!

TV Shows

Interview, Talk Show, News

Consultant, Reality Shows

Ideal for all TV Channel

Corporate Events

We customize our show

according to your brief.

For your partners and employees

Weddings and Private Parties

Sophisticated act, non-intrusive and poetic / romantic

Unique and unforgettable

Consulting & Coaching

We help others to succeed,

Private Training & Coaching

Art & Show Director

Lawrens Godon Performance
Lawrens Godon Performance

Some Reviews

"I spent some time with Lawrens during the European Coinmagic Symposium in Milano and had an opportunity to see some of the most difficult coin magic look absolutely effortless. Anyone who can muscle pass a coin directly into Harada Hold EVERYTIME is someone I need to watch...closely. I recommend Lawrens Godon's work to anyone."

Eric Jones

"The Coin Magic of Lawrens Godon is incredible ! I was completely fooled. I had long awaited the release of his DVD on the Dynamic Back Thumb Palm..."

Ponta The Smith

"That ability alone sounds like real magic. What an amazing set of skills to have - that combo move sounds like it would allow the cleanest imaginable displays, while still maintaining control of the coin, and basically open up a whole new level of possibilities. Unfortunately, I can barely get a coin into Harada hold overtly, usually with borderline nerve damage after awhile. But it's a very convincing hold out. Anyway, if you're that impressed with Godon's skill, Eric, then this sounds like a must watch. Hopefully he'll include more accessible moves as well. But as with Ponta's DVD, we don't have to be able to do everything to enjoy the inspiration..."

Max Fields Magic

"Been waiting for this for a WHILE. I love the back thumb palm and harada hold, but have trouble finding natural uses for them. After talking with Lawrens, I'm pretty excited to see his creative new applications. He's sending it out for reviews now, so we at least know it's in the replication stage!!"

Maverick Lancer

"Hello Lawrens, your Contact Juggling is mesmerizing and beautiful work. If I may be so bold, I think audiences would appreciate it even more if they knew that the "Crystal Balls" are very heavy. Just throwing this out - perhaps you could find a way to incorporate some kind of a vintage looking mechanical Rube Goldberg type device that delivers them to a Jules Verne era scales with Gold bars on them to telegraph how heavy the Crystals Balls are. Another point: as a former Commercial Television Producer/Director, I must say that the production quality is gorgeous but it lacks diversity of content, especially in promoting any magic. Over all I am very impressed with your concepts, skill, costuming, etc., and wish you all the best."

Allan Rasco

"From start to finish a spectacular act for the modern world costume, act, poster the whole package well presented EXCELLENT 100% would go down well in the UK at any of the steam punk /goth events plus any stage theater"

Michael Lyth

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