The Retronaut - Lawrens Godon
Self-taught, Lawrens Godon plays with Magic, Prestidigitation, Sleight-of-hand, Illusionism since 30 years. The modern techniques of Manipulation for Stage Magic, Parlor and Close-up don't have any secret for him. Today Lawrens is among the most talented and appreciated magicians when it comes to Coin Manipulation and Crystal Ball Illusion.
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The Retronaut

About This Project

The Retronaut


Lawrens Godon Entertainment proposes a unique cabaret act named The Retronaut, a stage act in which the main character manipulates Diamonds and Crystal spheres in a magical way.


Synopsis :


The Retronaut is a time traveller visiting us from the past.
The Chronoscope, his time travelling machine is out of order.
To repair it, and so to be able to leave our era, he must activate some crystals and put them inside the machine.
The Retronaut act may advantageously complete any stage, circus or TV production.
The music of the act has been specially composed for Lawrens Godon.
The duration is 9:30 mn
A technical sheet of the act is available on demand.


What is Steampunk ?


« Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetics designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery »

Such technology may include fictional machines like those found in the works of  H. G. Wells and Jules Verne


The Retronaut - Time Machine - Lawrens Godon

The Retronaut – Time Machine – Lawrens Godon

« Hello Lawrens, your Contact Juggling is mesmerizing and beautiful work. (…) Overall I am very impressed with your concepts, skills, costuming and wish you all the best. »
Allan Rasco


« Geniale, fantastico !!! Personaggio da viaggiatore del tempo »
Americo Rocchi


« From start to finish a spectacular act for the modern world : costume, act, poster, the whole package is well presented… would go down well in the UK at any of the Steampunk events, plus any stage theater »
Michael Lyth


Recommended for

Private events
Corporate events
Grand opening
Fundraiser ceremony
Award ceremony
Product launch
Adult anniversary
Special and VIP event
Tv Show
Trade show
Sales meeting
Private residences


The Retronaut

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