Optical Illusion - Lawrens Godon
Self-taught, Lawrens Godon plays with Magic, Prestidigitation, Sleight-of-hand, Illusionism since 30 years. The modern techniques of Manipulation for Stage Magic, Parlor and Close-up don't have any secret for him. Today Lawrens is among the most talented and appreciated magicians when it comes to Coin Manipulation and Crystal Ball Illusion.
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Optical Illusion

About This Project

Live Optical Illusions


Lawrens Godon proposes a unique experience to entertain your attendees : Live Optical Illusions.

By manipulating some simple geometrical forms, Lawrens Godon will create the illusion of morphing the objects from one shape to the other.
The final visual result is absolutely stunning and intriguing !

No need of a stage or special settings to perform these optical illusions : Lawrens Godon will show these optical illusions to any group at any venue…

Lawrens will manipulate up to six crystal spheres at the same time, creating beautiful patterns and illusions to the delight of any audience.
He will also creates optical illusions using S-Staffs, props having the shape of an « S », and 8-rings, accessories in the shape of two circles bonded to each other by the edge.

Some history


The origins of Contact Juggling are multiple and date back to antiquity.

In China, descriptions of “Palmspinning” movements using medicinal metal balls, also known as “Baoding balls” date back to the Ming dynasty (somewhere between 1368 and 1644).

Japan also has a traditional artform, where balls are stacked on metal plates and spun in the performer’s hand.

“Body Rolling,” another aspect of this form of juggling, probably very old too and coming from Asia, was made popular by artists such as Paul Cinquevalli (1859 – 1918), Enrico Rastelli (1896 – 1931) and Francis Brunn (1922 – 2004).
A description of this artform can be found in “The Strand Magazine” (1897).

Rhythmic Gymnastics, which was already using objects such as clubs and hoops, added ball manipulation to its repertoire in 1929.

In more recent times, it seems that many jugglers have independently developed this form of Juggling :

Tony Duncan was rolling balls on his forearms in 1978 and invented some “Palmspinning” effects back in 1983. He named his work “Dynamic Balancing”.

In 1985, Michael Moschen presented his routine “Light” using transparent balls for the first time ever. He called his style “Dynamic Manipulation”, source of many modern movements.
In 1986, the public discovered this style of Juggling when Michael Moschen worked as David Bowie’s lining in the movie “Labyrinth” by Jim Henson.

In 1991, Ernest James published “Contact Juggling”, a book in which he described and explained Michael Moschen’s routine, thus popularizing the discipline amongst jugglers and manipulators.

Since the late 90s, an international community continues to supply the technical and artistic capital of this visual art.




“Body Rolling”


This discipline involves having one or more objects rolling on the body.
The juggler can stop the object at specific locations where it will remain balanced.
He develops paths of equilibrium points, from foot to head, using his legs, trunk or arms.




The juggler manipulates one or more balls in space using only his hands. Several categories of manipulations are possible depending on the number of balls used. The impression of levitation is the desired effect. The balls move in circles and curves, or following linear and/or geometric patterns.


The manipulator will also use the principle of “Fixed Point” borrowed to the art of Mime, thus creating “Isolations”.

A sphere appears to remain stationary in space, while the hands and/or body, and possibly other spheres continue to move around…

Recommended for

Private events
Corporate events
Cocktail party
Grand opening
Fundraiser ceremony
Award ceremony
Product launch
Adult anniversary
Special and VIP event
Tv Show
Trade show
Sales meeting
Hospitality suite
Private residences
Dinner show
Table hoping
Country club…


Optical Illusion

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