Close-Up Magic - Lawrens Godon
Self-taught, Lawrens Godon plays with Magic, Prestidigitation, Sleight-of-hand, Illusionism since 30 years. The modern techniques of Manipulation for Stage Magic, Parlor and Close-up don't have any secret for him. Today Lawrens is among the most talented and appreciated magicians when it comes to Coin Manipulation and Crystal Ball Illusion.
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Close-Up Magic

About This Project

Close-Up Magic


Lawrens Godon brings his incredible magic to walk-around venues, going from group to group and performing various sleight-of-hand effects and illusions.
He will often perform with the guest’s own personal items, such as finger rings, bank notes, coins… As a result, the magic will happen in the very hands of the spectator : participation of the guests is one of the secrets of Lawrens Godon’s artistry !

This kind of magic is very strong because it looks like the magician didn’t do anything special : it seems that the magic operates even when Lawrens Godon is not touching anything.

In a dinner setting, Lawrens Godon will perform Classics of Magic using cards, rings, ropes, etc… at the tables, visiting your guests as they are waiting for the next meal.

As a specialist in Coin manipulation, Lawrens Godon will bring to the attendees a whole set of incredibly visual effects and manipulations : Silver dollars appear from nowhere, then vanish in a blink of an eye and invisibly travel to the most impossible places !

Original, deceptive and elegant, the Coin Magic of Lawrens Godon will last for a very long time in the mind of the spectators.

Adults and children alike will enjoy these illusions !


Here are the main venues where Lawrens Godon can perform:

Strolling magic at private and corporate events, such as cocktail party, wedding, grand opening, fundraiser, award ceremony, product launch, adult anniversary, special and VIP event…

Formal close-up magic show at private residences, dinner show, table hoping at restaurant, resort and country club…

Trade show, sales meeting, hospitality suite…

Lawrens Godon is the best option to any special event, VIP reception, TV show…
His Close-up illusions will enhance and bring a touch of Wonder to any program.

Hiring Lawrens Godon for your event is the best choice : Magic, Fun and Entertainment are guaranteed, as well as great souvenirs in the mind of every guests !

Recommended for

Private events
Corporate events
Cocktail party
Grand opening
Fundraiser ceremony
Award ceremony
Product launch
Adult anniversary
Special and VIP event
Tv Show
Trade show
Sales meeting
Hospitality suite
Private residences
Dinner show
Table hoping
Country club…



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