Self-taught, Lawrens Godon plays with Magic, Prestidigitation, Sleight-of-hand, Illusionism since 30 years. The modern techniques of Manipulation for Stage Magic, Parlor and Close-up don't have any secret for him. Today Lawrens is among the most talented and appreciated magicians when it comes to Coin Manipulation and Crystal Ball Illusion.
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Since 2006 Lawrens developed a special technique called “Contact Juggling”, or the art of creating the illusion with a simple crystal sphere.

Who is Lawrens Godon?

Lawrens Godon met the magical muse for the first time in Avignon (France) in 1972, thanks to the magician of the “Cirque Bonjour”, hosted by Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée and Victoria Chaplin.
The performer’s magic bubbles remain a living souvenir.

At the same time, his family environment promotes his taste for performing, fuelled by the presence of actors like Philippe Caubère, Maxime Lombard and many other artists from the “Magic Circus”, directed by Jérome Savary.

Naturally, he began studying Sleight of Hand, starting with classics like the Chinese Rings, Cups and balls and Coin manipulation.

He works a lot in street performance, including a duet with a female dancer-contortionist on the theme of India : fire-eater, insensitivity to fire, and also with classics such as the Flying Flame by Alpha and Fire Indian Basket illusion. He performs his street magic in France and abroad.

His knowledge of Close-Up and Stage Magic allowed him to work on the renowned French Riviera for almost ten years, whether in special events or cabarets.


Multi-talented of Magic, Lawrens Godon is a true Master Magician, developing sophisticated, extremely visual and highly technical effects.

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