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Review of Moneypulation Vol.1 on "Magic Babe" Ning’s site : Magic Boutique in Singapore

Review by Bernard Sim :

Graceful and visual coin magic ! This DVD is almost on par in terms of presentation, teaching style and skill level with Sick by Ponta The Smith. The DVD is nicely edited with the music synchronizing to the moves. There are no dialogues in the DVD, the text on screen aids the explanations.

Most of the moves rely heavily on one sleight which not many people use. Lawrens Godon does it so well that you think he is using gimmicks to accomplish the effects. All the routines are pure sleight of hand, there are no gimmicks involved. The routines are best performed with dollar size coins as some sleights require the size and weight to work. The routines are performed standing but there may be some angle problems.

Though the routines look good, you will need plenty of practice, I mean really a lot of practice. They are that tough, let me give you an example, he can muscle pass a coin into a Harada hold...can you imagine that ! At the end of the DVD, a performance video of his contact juggling is also included.

This is another coin DVD in which I hope will inspire more magicians to take up coin magic. If you have four dollar size coins and a Chinese Coin, buy this DVD. If you don’t have the coins, buy this DVD and then buy the coins. It is really good ! Or wait, maybe I should keep this to myself…

Highly recommended ! Rating 4.5/5

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You can buy the product at Ning’s sexy magic boutique :

Thank you Magic Ning, JC Sum and Bernard Sim, you’re a great team !

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